Developing a Personal Practice Seminars

We all need a touchstone, a time carved out of each day to care for ourselves and connect to something greater. This seminar uses principles from many different disciplines to help you create and continue your own personal practice. It’s particularly helpful to those whose life includes service to others or high stress jobs.

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Somatic Integrity

A person’s ability to control their own attention is the basis for all learning. Focus is a skill that improves with practice and this program provides a framework for that practice. The program uses attacks as metaphor for anger, fear, excitement and boredom, allowing the participants to practice choosing center and focus over the unbalancing effects of these distractions. The program also stresses making good choices by returning to a calm state before actions are taken. This has a strong impact on a person’s ability to control their violent or antisocial impulses. SI also hopes to have a physiological effect on its participants. Through meditative practices the autonomic nervous system is calmed, allaying the damaging effects of stress and hormonal changes. Participants will learn a number of easily repeatable practices to help control temper and burn off stress.

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Learning to Recover Center

Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be effectively treated through the principles of martial arts and Somatic Integrity. A very few personal clients are seen by our teachers to address this life changing challenge.

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Some of our past clients include:

  • Lincoln Child Center, Oakland
  • Oakland Unified School District
  • Oakland Jewish Community Services
  • Encinal High School, Alameda
  • South San Francisco High School
  • Home School Association National Conference
  • Redwood Day School, Oakland
  • Latina Women’s Health Initiative, Oakland
  • ASUC Coop, Berkeley
  • CASA