The Temple of the Circus Monkey is open to everyone.  Archbishop Angus is a legally ordained minister, but we are NOT a tax exempt church under the law.  Down that way lies madness.  There are two levels of membership:

Member – In order to be a member, you must declare it to be so.  Say the words, “I’m a member of the Temple of the Circus Monkey” and you are.  Doesn’t get much easier than that.  Please feel free to tell others and to put TCM on any form asking for your religion.  We would hope that members would represent the founding qualities of the Temple: responsibility, fun, tolerance, individual spirituality, orneriness, independence, toughness, and a slightly off-kilter view of the world.  But you’re a free person; do whatever you like.  Oh yeah, and we hope you buy stuff.  I don’t want to have to get a real job.  Ever.

Of course membership in the Temple does not preclude membership in other religious organizations.  Quite to the contrary.  I would encourage you to belong to other churches.  They can provide community and support as well as spiritual guidance and a place to find some peace and solace.  Just remember that they are human institutions and that responsibility for your spiritual growth is yours and yours alone.

Minister – To become a registered minister of the TCM, you need to do four things:

1 – Become familiar with the Testaments and want to bring others into the Temple.

2 – Represent the Three Ideals.  The Warrior represents compassion: fierce, steadfast, and willing to sacrifice for the deserving.  Only a Warrior can make the meaningful choice of nonviolence.  The Free Man represents Joy: independent, ornery, fun, and a little dangerous.  A truly free man is always a threat to authority.  The Monk represents Spiritual Beauty: creative, artistic, stubborn, and opinionated.  The Monk spreads the gospel by any means that might be cool.

3 – Send Laird Angus your name, city, and email and let him know if you want to be listed on our Community page.

4 – Become a legally ordained minister.  It’s easy and free.  We’ll show you how.

If you’re interested in becoming a minister, please send the Archbishop an email.  His contact info is on the Community Page.

Roster of Registered Ministers to come…



Our Sexual Harassment Policy


Here at the Temple of the Circus Monkey, we are well aware of the long sorry history of sexual harassment and abuse traditionally associated with spiritual organizations.  Therefore, we want to be very aggressive and clear about our policies.  We condemn any sexualization of children and loathe the idea that anyone might be pressured into doing something they regret because of a perceived imbalance of power.


having said that, I really like cute girls.  Especially Asian ones.  And I really want a new girlfriend.  So if you think you might qualify and are interested in a nontraditional relationship, send me an email at  I can guarantee that it won’t be dull.

Some people might think this is a joke.  That’s cool.   Others might think it’s a chance to fuck around by pretending to be something they aren’t.  That’s stupid and evil and is likely to be punished.  And yes, I’m married and yes, my wife knows that I want a girlfriend.  Frankly, that’s none of your damn business.  The whole fucking point of the Temple is to live life, discover spirituality, and find joy in your own way.  So keep your bullshit morality to yourself.

Laird Angus

Archbishop of the Temple